Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Missing Page from Vicroads' "how to drive" book

I'm thinking of adding a counter on the side over there, to keep track of how many times I nearly get killed by someone turning into a side-street without checking for or bothering to give way to pedestrian traffic.


  1. You see, as usual, it's the law that's fucked in this equation. Only IN LAW are pedestrians and cyclists "greater" than drivers. Physically, a pedestrian on foot or cycling is much smaller that a vehicle. More mass means it's harder for an object to decelerate or change course, whereas it's relatively trivial for people on foot or cycling to halt for cars. It's also easier for someone not sitting inside of a cabin to see all around them, so it may actually be that people are endeavouring to look for you, but simply being unable to.

    People in cars annoy you when you're cycling, and cyclists annoy the fuck out of me when I'm driving. When I ride I stay on the damned footpath, just like I used to do when I was a kid, because it makes fucking sense! It's way easier for a rider on a footpath to give way to a pedestrian walking that footpath than it is for a driver to try and avoid cyclists inevitably sitting in the middle of their damned lane while other cars are coming in the opposite direction in the opposite lane. Once again, you're also dealing with much less speed/forces in the footpath scenario than the road scenario, too.

    In conclusion, I put it to you that the source of anger for us all is the dumb-shit laws regarding these modes of transport, and that the law should be changed to represent common-freakin'-sense and the physical characteristics of each mode >:D

  2. My 'greater-thans' have fuck all to do with the law, really. Pedestrians are simply greater people than drivers. Not that people can't be both at different times, of course. For almost everyone, walking (or equivalent) is the most accessible and - for want of a better term - natural mode of transport. I resent that when I am walking somewhere I sometimes have to wait for a long time (relative to the length of my trip), and perhaps risk getting killed in order to cross a 10M wide strip of bitumen. Anyway, that is all I will say because I will do a full post about this at some point.


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